Business Mail

DPS Business Mail

Save 12% on postage costs with DPS and Business Mail

Does your business regularly send mailings of at least 500 items?

Would you like to save around 5p per letter?

DPS Royal Mail Business Mail is a cost-effective, and highly flexible solution for your business post.

Whether you are sending invoices, statements or general correspondence, Business Mail can deliver huge discounts on your annual postage costs.

The Latest Royal Mail Technology
Business Mail delivers advanced technology – allowing Royal Mail sorting machines to read addresses quickly and correctly. Business Mail checks envelopes for spelling and address accuracy, saving Royal Mail time and your business money. It also helps your mail to stand out - with the distinctive Business Mail blue franking marks.

Saving you time
Royal Mail provides trays and wheeled containers for item storage and pick-up. Royal Mail collects the containers and calculates the net Business Mail discounts entitled to your business.

Saving you Money A standard First Class letter is 5p cheaper with Business Mail – and businesses sending over 1000 letters per mailing can access even higher discounts.

Call us today and find out how you can save 12% or more on your postage costs with DPS and Business Mail.


First Class

Weight 0-100g
Franked 47p
First Class Business Mail OCR 41.9p

Second Class

Weight 0-100g
Franked 33p
Second Class Business Mail OCR 27.5p


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