Business Mail Advanced

Enjoy the advantages of Business
Mail Advanced via your DPS
Franking Machine – NOW!

What is Business Mail Advanced ?

Business Mail Advanced is an unsorted business letter that is efficient and
easy to use. Once your mail is prepared so that Royal Mail systems can read
them you will receive discounts of up to 15%. Because you save Royal Mail
time they help you save money.

There is also an additional discount of up to 7.5% based on the volume of
letters you send.


What discounts will I receive?

Each of your letters that are automatically sorted will receive a discount of
10.5% on 1st Class and 15% on 2nd Class based on the franking tariff.
The discounts are received by YOU automatically in the form of a rebate. You
don’t need to do anything extra.

Just call us to find out how you can start receiving up to a 15% discount on
your business mail using Business Mail Advanced.

How does Business Mail Advanced work?

To use Business Mail Advanced you will need to do the following:
Have defined letter parameters including address location and clear zones.
Apply for a license. Post at least 500 items in a batch. Complete an Online
Business Account (OBA) form. Present the letters in trays.

Royal Mail sorting machines will read the license number, check the letters for
address accuracy and allocate a discount on a ‘per letter’ basis for all items
automatically sorted. Any items that fail to be automatically sorted are charged
as standard franked meter items.

What happens next?

We will contact Royal Mail on your behalf and request your 1st and 2nd Class
Business Mail License numbers.

Royal Mail will confirm our request and send YOU an email with terms and
conditions. Please reply to this email promptly so Royal Mail can set up your
Business Mail account.

DPS will generate the digital license images for you to download into your
franking machine.