Customer Service and Support

At DPS we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service.

We understand the demands of running a business and the importance of finding perfectly matched solutions.

That’s why we provide every business with a dedicated Account Manager.

Your DPS Account Manager will take time to get to know your business inside out, and provide a support solution which is right for you - helping you to minimise your downtime, maximise productivity and protect your investment.

We are the only major franking provider to offer this level of service

And we know that it works because we are the fastest growing provider in the UK.

The right support for your business.

No matter how big or small your business, we can find a support solution which works for you. From on-line to on-site support, our team works hard to deliver results you can count on. We can offer:

DPS Special Event Services

DPS Special Event Services provides specialist support to meet requirements that go beyond a normal service plan. These select added-value services include: